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R&D Department

Given the conditions and requirements of modern economy and a desire to achieve the best results of our production and cooperation with a growing number of business partners, innovation based on research and development activity is the main priority and motive of our activity.

R&D activity is performed in our company both for its internal and external needs, resulting from growing customer demands and changing market requirements, including legal regulations. It consists in the development and implementation of new technologies and products as part of projects, as well as the development and significant improvement of existing products and services in our company.

The innovative activity is mainly related to the modern and specialised production process and the research preceding it.

The research process is a very important element of the entire production process.
Due to the nature of production – involving the need to constantly develop technology formulas for the production and use of surfaces, tailored to the needs of customers – the research process serves to offer better, more technologically advanced and competitive solutions for manufactured machines and devices on the market.

Our technical resources, modern machine park and highly qualified staff allow us to conduct comprehensive research and development activity in the field of: