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Precise Surface Assessment Integrated System – ZiSPON

The ZiSPON device consists of six main measurement systems, constructed for the purpose of performing precise diagnostics in the field of load capacity assessment and identification of the road surface structure parameters. The ZiSPON technology modules comprise:

  1. Module for determining the value of surface deflection under impulse load, a solution analogous to FWD/HWD devices (Falling Weight Deflectometer / Heavy Weight Deflectometer).
  2. Module for seismic tests of the surface (SPA module, Seismic Pavement Analyser).
  3. Module for GPR X-ray carried out along and across the road surface axis. The design of the module is based on the concept of multi-antenna tracking of electromagnetic wave signals in a layered surface system.
  4. Module for geospatial location based on the “Piksi Space GNSS Module” solution by SWIFT Navigation.
  5. Module for the analysis of temperature distribution in the surface (“Termo” module).
  6. IT module.

The integrated research system combines measurement methods using both mechanical waves, electromagnetic waves and geospatial location.