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Module for the acquisition, processing and visualisation of geometric features of road surfaces and runways – OrtoFotoSkan

With regard to the operational features of public and airport road surfaces, geometric features are one of the aspects of the surface technical condition. Legal documents that regulate the market of cyclical surface quality control require managers to ensure that all functional elements of airports or public road networks are subject to specific maintenance standards. This approach is addressed by our series of CSR devices, which, thanks to the modular construction concept, have been developed to meet the specific needs of measuring units, which are the pillar of every road and airport maintenance system. Our company, in cooperation with Poznan University of Technology, has introduced the OrtoFotoSkan module, which has entered the phase of the last programming works. The module, using artificial intelligence methods, was created in order to build a data space to help managers make renovation decisions. The OrtoFotoSkan module is an integrated system that combines the advantages of laser scanning and orthophoto registration. The result is a comprehensive three-dimensional road surface model with attributes such as: longitudinal evenness, transverse roughness, rut depth, inclinations, surface condition, fracture area, degradation potential, surface profile for bearing capacity assessment, ribbon surface images.