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UPG-HS-100 soil sampling device

UPG-HS-100 is a soil sampling device with its own hydraulic and combustion unit.

The device consists of a hydraulic unit driven by HONDA combustion engine and allows to take a sample from a depth of up to 100 cm.

The collecting units are based on an impact motor. The probe is introduced into the soil by means of a spindle and a high-frequency hydraulic hammer (KAFAR). The probe is then rotated and pulled out of the soil with a boom slide. The collected sample material is taken out of the spindle at intervals of 30 cm using a chisel and a scale pan/blade.

In addition to collecting soil samples, UPG-HS-100 can be used as a device for testing the soil profile up to a depth of 100 cm. After being taken out of the soil, the sample is locked in the probe spindle, and its particular layers are perfectly visible through a vertical slot.

UPG-HS-100 can be mounted on tractors, off-road vehicles, ATVs, towed vehicles and other transport vehicles not equipped with power hydraulics thanks to the use of an independent hydraulic unit.

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