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Continuous Skid Resistance device

The CSR device was designed and made to control the parameters of surfaces responsible for air traffic safety. The solution was adapted to the implementation of measurements simulating the conditions of the vehicle braking process on wet or dry surfaces. The measuring device is equipped with an advanced hydraulic and electronic system installed in the vehicle, which enables reliable measurement on uneven surfaces and on surfaces with any longitudinal inclination of the grade line in various weather and temperature conditions, without the need to make calibration adjustments, which affects the speed and accuracy of measuring runs with the CSR device. The vehicle is equipped with its own water tank, which allows measuring up to 8 km in length, and a modern system for feeding and controlling the amount of water under the measuring wheel in order to obtain a water film with a thickness of 1 mm. An innovative solution was applied for automatic control and adjustment of the measuring wheel pressure. All these innovations allow to obtain a very high repeatability of test results, which was confirmed by year-round comparative tests conducted in cooperation with the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The measurement results can be monitored on an ongoing basis, and the values saved on the disk are presented in the form of a final report and a graph. In addition, all this information can be sent via Wi-Fi or GSM to the e-mail address provided.

The device also has a GPS positioning system.

All results and graphs are archived on the computer disk of the device.

Intuitive, innovative software allows to minimise operator errors, which results in correctly performed measurements and thus improves aircraft safety.

The CSR device can be installed in a vehicle powered by: electric motor or combustion engine.

Our CSR devices have been delivered to the Polish Army, where they are used in the process of managing the safety of aircraft traffic at all military airports.